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GoFundMe Started For Adam Haner, Victim Of A Black Lives Matter Attempted Murder

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Adam Haner Has Been Identified As The Victim Of The Near Deadly Attack On The Truck Driver In Portland That Nearly Left The Good Samaritan Dead In The Roadway

Adam Haner was brutally assaulted by members of Black Lives Matter after he attempted to intervene in their beating and robbery of multiple people late Monday night during the riots in Portland. When the attack began, Haner attempted to flee. A rock struck the side of his head as he drove off and eventually the damage he sustained caused him to crash. Rioters followed his vehicle, pulled him to the ground, and began beating him until he was unconscious. His family members are now seeking support from the community on GoFundMe.

Nationalist Review published two stories identifying the perpetrators responsible for the attack on Adam Haner. One individual, Marquise Love, has been positively identified. A second individual, directly linked to the leadership of Portland’s Black Lives Matter, is currently only known as “D.C.” but we are working on finding more information.

Adam Defending Another Assault Victim

Haner’s brother, Brian Haner, has started a GoFundMe campaign to help Adam cover medical bills and pay for a new vehicle. Nationalist Review has spoken to Brian and confirmed some details about the incident with him.

That evening, Adam Haner’s girlfriend, Tammie Martin, was also attacked as she attempted to defend her boyfriend. After punching her in the face, the rioters then tackled her to the ground before kicking her multiple times. She and Adam Haner are both safe at their residence at this time.

Brian Haner tells Nationalist Review that his brother is in good condition and has returned home. He suffered multiple broken ribs and is working through a lot of emotions related to the incident as anyone should expect after being beaten to within an inch of their life. Adam Haner is a former convicted drug offender who has been attempting to turn his life around after his release.

Since his probationary release from prison, he’s remained clean and has been working construction and odd jobs to earn a living. We at Nationalist Review cannot think of anything more redemptive than putting one’s life in harms way to save another person and commend him for his courageous initiative.

Adam Recovering At Home After His Release From The Hospital

During the beating, Martin can be heard pleading with rioters to stop stealing from Haner’s vehicle, “that’s all he’s got” she cried as they opened his trunk and began removing items. If you can afford to help Adam Haner, please consider making a donation below:

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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