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“Hispanic Male” Shoots At Portland Rioters As Portland Residents Grow Sick Of The Lawlessness

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An Unidentified “Hispanic Male” Fired Shots At The Antifa Rioters Last Night

A shooting incident occurred at the Portland riot late last night after an altercation between black bloc antifa rioters and a yet to be identified Hispanic male broke out. The shooter, who is described by one antifa member as having “light brown skin” got into a fist fight with the rioters before quickly jumping into his vehicle, firing off a few rounds from a handgun, and speeding off into the night. Two other individuals were in the car.

Robert Evans, an antifa sympathizer who fancies himself part of the media, managed to interview a few witnesses:

“The dude started to fight some protesters, he swung and hit a protester in the face,” the rioter says. “I ran up and kicked him. Then he turned around, and, like, started cussing and ran to his car and got his gun out and hopped in the car and started shooting. [He was] lighter brown skin, Hispanic, wearing all white with baggy shorts. He was probably about 5’8″ or 5’9″, so, about my height. He shot in the air.”

Insane Rioters Were Quick To Blame The Police “We Know Its One Of Your Family Members”

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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