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Pandemic Parolee Accused Of “Random Act Of Murder” Released 80 Days Early By State Officials

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Martin Alvarez Jr. Is Accused Of The August Stabbing That Killed The 39-Year-Old Michael Wagley… Alvarez Would Still Be Imprisoned If Not For Early Release

A recently released prisoner was given parole 80 days early due to COVID-19, now he stands accused of what prosecutors describe as a “random act of murder.”

State officials released Alvarez 11 weeks early, but just three weeks after he was let loose into the general public, he allegedly stabbed a random stranger in a Pacific Beach public bathroom.

Martin Alvarez

That stranger, Michael Wagley, did not survive the attack which started with a stab to the neck and ended with his skull fractured against the restroom tile. Alvarez reportedly fled the scene on a bicycle shortly after the murder.

He had been incarcerated for robbery and assault in 2017.

In order to qualify for an unrelated early release, Alvarez merely had to keep his nose clean for four months. From the start of March until the beginning of July, he did just that. It wouldn’t have mattered if this violent criminal had smashed someone’s teeth in during the month of February, so long as he could keep himself under control for that one quarter.

This bonus for good behavior gave Alvarez just enough credit to qualify for an additional pandemic-related release program organized by the Government of California under the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Without this additional credit, Alvarez would not have been released until December of this year. Instead, he was released on 30 July 2020.

After his release, Alvarez did not check in with his probation officers, yet he was not picked back up and brought in. He was free to prowl the streets and take another man’s life.

He did just that.

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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