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Pro-Police Protester Ambushed By Black Lives Matter In Portland

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Pro-Police “Back The Blue” Rally Ends With At Least One Protester Assaulted By Violent Antifa/Black Lives Matter Terrorists

Today in Portland, a few dozen sensible people stood outside the Justice Center waving flags and holding banners in support of the law enforcement personnel who have been dealing with the plague of riots that have captivated Americans and disrupted the peaceful functioning of the west coast city for almost 70 straight nights.

The event was not without a share of drama since across the street were a number of Black Lives Matter supporters who continually harassed, heckled and challenged the pro-police rally-goers to fist fights. While none of the supporters seemed to have taken the bait, one was unfortunately brutally assaulted as he was leaving the protest. Take a look:

First Came The Threats: “I’ll Knock You Motherf***ers Out!”

Later Came The Attack:

More Videos From The Day:

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