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Rioters In Wisconsin Point Rifles At Police Vehicles As New Wave Of Black Lives Matter Violence Begins

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The Violence In Wisconsin Has Reached A Point Of Escalation Previously Unseen In The Riots—The Mob Is Now Threatening Police Officers With Rifles:

Antifa Agitators have embedded themselves among the rioting black youth of Wisconsin and, armed with rifles, surrounded a sheriff’s armored personnel vehicle in order to block its path. The law enforcement officers with in the vehicle deployed gas canisters to clear the roads and made their escape. Two videos of the incident have been released so far, we will update this story when more arrive.

Violent riots kicked off earlier this evening in Kenosha, Wisconsin following the shooting of Jacob Blake, a suspect in a domestic violence call who resisted arrest and fought off tasers before retreating to his vehicle and reaching under the seat.

Another Angle Of The Incident:

The Most Aggressive Of The Two Individuals Is Pictured Below, We Are Still Working On Finding A Clearer Face Picture

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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