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“People Are Getting Shot All Around Us” Citizen Militia Begins Shooting Destructive Rioters

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The Black Lives Matter Insurrection Has Made Kenosha Ground Zero, Two Armed Groups Met At A Local Gas Station, Bodies Soon Began To Drop

One individual was shot in his head, another nearly had his arm blown off as the carnage unfolded. Police have identified three suspects, two of which are currently in custody. We will continue to update this story.

Update: We’ve added the closest footage we have found from the second shooting incident.

Update 2: We’ve added footage from the victim who nearly had his arm shot off.

Update 3: Kyle Rittenhouse has been identified as the shooter. He is 17-years-old and sports a Blue Lives Matter profile picture. This article has been corrected to reflect this new information.

Here’s a video of Rittenhouse speaking earlier that evening before the shooting took place:

Warning, the footage in this article is, at times, graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.

An eye witness to the shooting claims that the shooters were part of the “boogaloo” group and were attempting to protect a store from being looted.

The alleged shooters, according to BlazeTV journalist Elijah Shaffer, were attempting to defend the property of a car repair shop. The shop was, according to Shaffer, the property of a Black Lives Matter supporter. The there irony shouldn’t escape you. Shaffer captured the destruction of the property in a series of videos he uploaded to his Twitter account.

In the videos, rioters are shown systematically destroying nearly every vehicle on the property, first using bats to break the windows and then setting them on fire from the inside.

Rioters were quick to call on the police to help them, another irony given everything else taking place around them.

Directly below is a video of the initial confrontation before things descended into bloodshed:

Second Video Of The Shooting (Viewer Discretion Advised):

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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