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Video: Second Portland Rioter Who Tried To Kill Driver Tied To Black Lives Matter Leaders And Wall Of Moms Organizer

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Late Last Night Black Lives Matter Members Dragged A Man From His Truck Then Nearly Beat Him To Death…They’re Directly Tied To The Black Lives Matter Leadership In Portland

Nationalist Review just reported that a series of brutal assaults occurred at the Black Lives Matter-Antifa riot in Portland. At least four people were viciously attacked in rapid succession, with one man who attempted intervene left beaten and bloody in the road after a man, Marquise “Keese” Love, dragged him from his vehicle and kicked him in the side of the head. That man is now hospitalized. But now we’ve partially identified a second assailant who goes by the name “D.C” and is directly tied with Black Lives Matter organizers. The video we used is provided below.

Update: The victim’s name is Adam Haner and his family has set up a GoFundMe for him.

While “D.C.” is not shown in any clips directly assaulting the driver of the truck, he is involved in his physical and illegal detainment, the attack on the trans woman, and is present in pretty much every violent scene that took place that evening.

Also worth noting is the fact that D.C. comments on how press never film the fights and that he is mad at Crystal Kalashnikov for videotaping part of the incident.

Law enforcement officers interested in speaking with D.C. can find him through “Crystal Kalashnikov” aka “MilitantMom” who he stupidly audited and friended during her livestream (during which he revealed he’s buddies with a number of Black Lives Matter organizers).

Marquise Love seems to be running a gang of jackals who have been attempting to rob random citizens passing by the riots. A former employee of the Star Protection Agency (who is still pretending to be employed by them), Love can be seen in multiple videos ordering people to assault various people walking down the street. In some cases, these people are robbed. When a truck driver attempted to intervene and stop these brutal assaults, he was attacked and left bleeding on the road.

Now, various leftists (and even a few conservative commentators) are claiming that this had nothing to do with Black Lives Matter or antifa. But Nationalist Review can confirm that one of the main instigators is directly tied to Black Lives Matter leadership.

Kalen isn’t a bad guy, he just got this one horribly wrong.

That’s all thanks to his dumb decision to audit one of the people filming the fight. We even managed to ID the leader of the Wall of Moms, Demetria Hester, on the scene.

D.C. and Marquise Love confront the truck driver.

In the video, you’ll hear the man, who later reveals himself to be “D.C.,” asking who the person filming ( knew among the organizers responsible for the riots. The streamer readily supplies a list of names and offers up her Facebook account for the rioter to confirm she knows those people. We’ve provided a partial transcript with timestamps and screenshots below.

Here’s Some Of The More Important Quotes

“You over here recording something that don’t need to be recorded,” D.C. tells the woman filming during their initial interaction.

“By you recording this, it’s making us look bad. So, if you go over here and say you’re recording everything, you’re recording fights. The press don’t record fights, they record what’s happening over there,” D.C. says as he points to the the riot outside the federal courthouse.

By press, the rioter is referring to the press who are antifa-aligned and embedded with the rioters.

“Do not record fights,” D.C. repeats himself.

Then a second man walks over and asks the woman filming if she’s press. She again explains that she’s just an independent citizen. The man then looks behind him to see a woman approaching and says, “there we go, here’s press.”

“You cannot be, just, filming the violence. That’s not the point,” D.C., a Black Lives Matter rioter who was involved in the attack on the truck driver says as he joins the people encircling the woman filming.

“I was in the Wall of Moms, filming for them,” the female streamer explains.

“Do not record things that don’t matter to Black Lives Matter. What’s going on over here don’t matter to black lives. We’re not streaming to stream fights. We’re not doing that.” D.C. is adamant about this as he and his friend, Marquise Love, were just involved in a brutal beating.

“I’m asking you, as a black man, to record the important thing that we need to be out here for. Not no fights, fights gone make us look bad. Nobody is going to want to come down here. We need Wheeler to come talk to us and while we’re recording fights, that’s not gone help.” (3 minute mark)

“So you trying to help Black Lives Matter? Fights should not be recorded. You’re the only press that’s out here recording fights.”

“What’s your name?”

“My name’s Chrystal.”

“I’m D.C.”

“You know Clarence and Alex and Rosa,” the antifa “press” lady says.

D.C. Proves He’s Tied To Riot Organizers

“Oh, okay, okay,” says D.C. “You’ve got Marcus [Cooper], you got Randal [Wyatt], you good, you good, you good.” Marcus Cooper and Randal Wyatt are organizers of the protests and apparently friends with D.C. as well.

“I’m live every night,” the antifa “press” woman says, “and if there’s nothing but fighting…and everyone asks, ‘oh why weren’t you live last night,’ and I’m just like, ‘uhhh.'” (5:01)

Here’s an image of the antifa sympathizer with the press pass.

A “Wall Of Moms” leader Demetria Hester enters the frame and talks to the woman streaming. Earlier in the video she’s seen with D.C. (6:25)

“That was Demetria, she’s f***ing OG, dude,” the streamer says towards the end of the clip. In other words, that’s the leader of the Wall of Moms.

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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