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Video: Black Lives Matter Nearly Burns Down Wisconsin Church That Supports Their Riots, Firefighters Barely Save It

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The Black Lives Matter Rioters In Wisconsin Set Fire To A Used Car Dealership Located Right Next To A Church…The Cars Exploded One, By One, And As Fires Often Do, It Spread To A Church That Had A ‘Black Lives Matter’ Sign Supporting The Very Rioters That Caused The Flames

The church, a Unitarian Universalist Church, is on the the National Register of Historic Places and was built in 1907. Thankfully, Andrew Mercado, a sergeant in the armed forces, noticed the spreading flames and he, along with his friend CJ Haliburton, attempted to thwart the flames.

After signaling for firefighters, they assisted in the effort to quell the fire and cut off its spread before irreparable harm could befall a place of worship recognized by the National Park Service.

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The Black Lives Matter Sign Posted By The Church:

The Church Even Commented On The Incident That Took Place In Kenosha:

“We at Bradford UU pray for Jacob Blake, his family and everyone in Kenosha right now. We remain committed to justice and equity and will not remain idle when such violence is administered by the very law enforcement which is supposed to protect and serve us.
Please stay tuned to our Facebook page and your Bradford UU announcement emails for updates as the situation, and our response to it, continues to evolve.”

Unfortunately, Mercado doesn’t seem to be worth much praise. He’s leaving the military due to “what he witnessed in Minneapolis,” stating that the “military doesn’t get it…my family doesn’t get it,” on his stream. He seems to have begun his exit from the military with the intention of becoming a full-time livestreamer after being moved by what he saw during the George Floyd riots in the south side of Minneapolis.

While rather moderate, Mercado seems unwilling to accept that these riots have a political affiliation and that the violence taking place is motivated by political desires. “That fire doesn’t have a political affiliation,” he said during his steam in the aftermath of the firefighter’s arrival.

Well, we have news for Mercado, these fires do have a political affiliation. They’re the product of the violent thugs who decided to wreak havoc across a city on behalf of a sex offender named Jacob Blake. They’re the product of the rage that has been nurtured by the supporters of Black Lives Matter.

In any case, Nationalist Review does praise Mercado for taking initiative to fight the fire until help arrived. He, unlike most journalists, isn’t a simple bystander. But that’s also going to come back to bite him. Mark our words, we’ll have a future article about him getting attacked because he tried to intervene in the wrong situation.

He also alluded to a possible dishonorable discharge, saying that he’s basically quit the military but “tried to do it the right way.” His family is no longer speaking to him due to his decision. Mercado was recently called a “liberal Nazi” at a Trump rally after angering supporters of the president.

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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