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Video: Black Lives Matter Takes Over Public School Curriculum, Teachers Told To Disavow Nuclear Family

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Nationalist Review Has Obtained A Series Of Documents That Show A Considerable Amount Of Effort Has Been Made To Change The Public School Curriculum And The Black Lives Matter Movement Has Already Had Considerable Success

A concerned father uploaded a short video begging for Americans around the country to put a stop to an alarming trend that’s spreading around public schools in the United States. Matt Moss, the parent of a young girl who is currently learning remotely thanks to pandemic restrictions, warned his followers that his child’s curriculum has been dramatically altered in order to incorporate the teachings of Black Lives Matter.

Note: This story will be updated by 20:00 EST and then again at midnight. Please excuse any typos as we continue to read through the lesson plans to bring you the most alarming details. We’re also working on a list of schools we can confirm have implemented these programs.

Nationalist Review can report that multiple organizations are involved in the effort to change lesson plans in classrooms throughout the country and we can also name the primary group spearheading the campaign.

But first, while we’re still working through the documents, but we’d like to share a number of quotes from the one’s we’ve reviewed so far. We’re particularly alarmed by the political lesson plans they’ve put forward for kindergarten.

Black Lives Matter’s Kindergarten Definitions:

Black Lives Matter At School, a group that has been building lesson plans for at least three years, has developed brainwashing programs for teachers to implement and their guidebooks offer advice on how to embed politics into grades as young as kindergarten. Here are just a few of their tips on how to manipulate children who are mostly still learning to tie their own shoelaces:

Black Villages is the disruption of Western nuclear family dynamics and a return to the “collective village” that takes care of each other.
“There are lots of different kinds of families; what makes a family is that it’s people who take care of each other; those people might be related, or maybe they choose to be family together and to take care of each other. Sometimes, when it’s lots of families together, it can be called a village.”

“Different people do different things and have different feelings. It’s so important that we have lots of different kinds of people in our community and that everyone feels safe. Another way to say that is diversity.”

Globalism: is our ability to see how we are impacted or privileged within the Black global family that exists across the world in different regions.
“Globalism means that we are thinking about all the different people all over the world, and thinking about the ways to keep things fair everywhere.”

Transgender Affirming is the commitment to continue to make space for our trans siblings by encouraging leadership and recognizing trans-antagonistic violence, while doing the work required to dismantle cisgender privilege and uplift Black trans folk.

“Everybody has the right to choose their own gender by listening to their own heart and mind. Everyone gets to choose if they are a girl or a boy or both or neither or something else, and no one else gets to choose for them.”

This Story Will Be Updated! We Have A Lot Of Files To Comb Through:

Schools Throughout The Nation Have Bent The Knee

Schools in Massachusetts, Maryland, California, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, North Carolina and many more have all signed onto the effort. Multiple teachers’ unions have signed onto the effort as well.

Black Lives Matter At School’s initial push to shift education towards their political goal came in the form of a single-day protest that took place in Seattle during October 2016. Since then, thousands of teachers throughout the country have participated in what the organization refers to their week of action.

But this year is different.

Now the group is setting their sights on a new target: a year-long campaign to implement a new educational program that praises infamous black Americans from Trayvon Martin to the Black Panthers.

The lesson plans include hundreds of files, created by dozens of education activists, and targets children as young as five with shamelessly political propaganda. The whole point is to manipulate the youngest of children while they’re still highly impressionable, obedient towards authority, and away from the supervision of their parents.

And the network of groups involved in this effort is serious. They’ve deployed an army of activists, lobbied school boards, pushed town committees and city councils, and have partnered up with teachers unions.

We have a lot to update you on and many documents to reveal and will do so in the coming hours. For now, we wanted you to hear Moss’s warning.

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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