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Video: Marquise “Keese” Love Is Man Who Beat Portland Driver Unconscious During Riot

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Nationalist Review Has Identified The Individual Who Stupidly Wore His Work Uniform To The Riot Before Delivering The Final Blow To The Driver. His Name Is Keese Love.

Look, this is night 80 of the riots and this story has some twist and turns so in just a minute we’re going to show you the worst of the videos from this evening. But first, a brief summary of the evening (a more in-depth description with accompanying video evidence is provided below).

Update 6: The victim’s name is Adam Haner and a GoFundMe has been set up to assist his recovery.

Update 5: Star Protection Agency has reached out to Nationalist Review to comment – “Love is not currently employed by Star Protection Agency and is not licensed in the State of Oregon to provide security.” He’s been using an old picture of himself and false information about his current employment to manipulate people.

A Brief Summary Of The Incident:

First, a white guy was being robbed by Black Lives Matter rioters, one of which was Marquise Love who was dressed in a security uniform and pretending to work for Star Protection Agency. A transgender antifa person attempted to intervene and stop them, so they robbed the transgender person instead. That’s when a truck driver who was parked nearby tried to also intervene. He was attacked, prompting a white woman to try to help him.

She was punched and then tackled to the ground. The truck driver drove off when rioters tried to open his door but eventually crashed. The Marquise Love and other rioters pulled him from the vehicle and beat him nearly to death. Are you still with us? The guy who works as an armed security guard by day watched three people get assaulted and the one person he attacks is the driver of a truck who tried to stop the onslaught. Okay, time for the evidence.

Now Here’s The Video Of Marquise Love Kicking The Driver Unconscious:

Update: See below for more thorough information on the suspect in this incident who delivered the kick to the driver’s head. We have a lot of information about this individual and will continue to update this article over the next hour.

Update 2: We’ve added additional videos of the incident to the bottom of this post and reached out to Star Protection Agency whose late-night dispatcher was uninterested in the fact that their employee, while wearing his work uniform, just drop-kicked someone’s head after pulling them from a crashed vehicle and illegally detaining them.

Update 3: We’ve added further evidence to positively ID the suspect.

Update 4: Marquise has admitted to the assault. He’s previously been charged with domestic violence. (See below videos at bottom of this article)

The Leader And Assailant Of The Driver Was Marquise “Kese” Love, Who Seems To Moonlight As A Violent Street Thief While Pretending To Work For Star Protection Agency:

Love No Longer Works With Star Protection Agency But Still Pretends To On Social Media:

You can verify these publicly available pictures on Marquise “Kese” Love’s Facebook page. We’ve archived that page here.

Here’s What Happened Just Before They Assaulted The Driver—He Was Trying To Protect A Transgender Person From BLM:

The driver attempted to defend a transgender person in Portland this evening when he witnessed them being accosted and robbed by violent rioters. The transgender person was actually trying to stop another person from being robbed as well before they become the target. After the driver of the truck intervened, rioters turned on the man, kicked at his truck, threw bottles at his head from close range, and opened his driver-side door. Listen carefully to the following video and you will hear a woman exclaim “he didn’t do anything!”

At this point, the man attempted to make his escape As he began driving away, two low-IQ rioters latched onto the passenger side of his vehicle, grabbed at the handle, and lost their balance as he skidded off down the street. The stupidity of the rioters nearly cost them all the bones in their legs and it was only with great fortune that they were not crippled by such an insane and barbaric response to the driver.

Another woman, who the driver was also trying to defend, was punched in the face and then tackled by one rioter shortly before the man made his escape. A second rioter attempted to kick her in the ribs while she was lying on the ground but a marginally more civilized participant managed to stop the first individual’s foot just inches from the bewildered woman’s body.

Here’s The Video Of The Trans Person Being Assaulted:

In the video you’ll notice Marquise Love on the right side of the frame and the truck driver who he would later assault in the background.

After the man drove off, he crashed his vehicle two blocks down. Rioters, hearing the crash and realizing it was their targeted prey, pounced on the opportunity and sprinted to the site.

They pulled him from his vehicle and one participant wearing a vest that read “security” forced the man to the ground. Shortly thereafter, the man wearing the “security” vest began pummeling him with punches and other rioters joined in as well. Eventually, one of them stepped back ten yards and, while sprinting towards the driver of the vehicle, delivered a kick to his head.

Moments before the man was beaten to an inch of his life, he can be heard pleading with the rioters: “I ain’t trying to hurt nobody, man,” he said.

The blow was furious and the man’s head snapped back towards the pavement leaving a trail of blood and instantly knocking him unconscious. Unsatisfied with this act, the crowd encircled him, levying taunts and ridicule at him as a few of the rioter’s medic brigade began offering aid which mostly amounted to pouring water bottles on his face.

Even After Kicking Him In The Head, They Continued To Pummel Him Until He Was Laying Prone And Unconscious A Second Time:

Rioters Illegally Detained The Driver:

After He Was Beaten Unconscious They Continued To Taunt And Harass Him:

The Rioters Bickered Over Responsibility:

Marquise Love Has Been Previously Charged With Domestic Violence/Assault And Yet Works As An Armed Security Agent At “Star Protection Agency”

Love Spent The Evening Violently Assaulting Other People Present For The Riot, Stealing Their Belongings… His Thugs Did The Same To The Driver here

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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