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Video: Officer Down – Rioters In Kenosha, Wisconsin Threw A Brick At His Head Knocking Him Unconscious

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A Blow To The Side Of The Head Has Left One Officer Unresponsive In The Street

Riots have broken out in the typically quiet state of Wisconsin following the lawful shooting of Jacob Blake, a domestic violence suspect who resisted arrest, seemed immune to tasers, and reached under the seat of his car prompting officers to use lethal force. Blake is currently hospitalized in serious condition.

Now, Kenosha, Wisconsin is currently in chaos with hundreds of rioters taking to the streets, attacking police, launching incendiary devices, and throwing bricks at heads of the men in blue. One officer has suffered a severe blow to the head rendering him unconscious.

Update: We’ve added (and will continue to add) more videos to this post.

If you watch the video below closely, you’ll notice a rectangular object strike the pavement shortly after the officer hits the ground. The object appears to be a brick.

The Propaganda Account Below Would Have You Believe The Shooting Wasn’t Justified…

But watch closely. At this point, Blake had already ignored multiple warnings, seemed invulnerable to tasers, and had retreated to his vehicle where he reaches under the seat. The two officers were given no choice but to open fire—its irrational to expect them to wait until he draws down on them.

Rioters Throw Molotovs At Officers:

Windshields smashed by bricks and rocks:

Additional Footage Of Rioters Throwing Rocks At Officers:

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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