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Video: Portland Driver Attacked By Rioters, Draws His Gun And Speeds Off, Dragging Rioter’s Motorcycle 12 Blocks

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Night 68: Portland Rioters Assault Random Truck Driver Who Drags A Rioter’s Motorcycle Down The Street As He Takes Flight…Then He Drew His Gun And Confronted The Rioters

The 68th day of riots in Portland weren’t without some sparks as rioters attacked a truck driver who attempted to navigate through the street they were occupying. The rioters quickly surrounded the vehicle attempting to trap the motorist and prevent them from leaving the area, with one riot participant attempting to cut him by throwing their motorcycle down in front of the vehicle while another began smashing his windows with a hammer.

The driver, clearly fearing for his life, pressed the pedal to the floor and sped off while dragging the motorcycle underneath his car for a dozen blocks. After he got to a safe distance, with rioters still chasing after him, he exited his vehicle with his gun in hand and gave the rioters a piece of his mind.

Armed With A Gun For His Own Protection, The Truck Driver Confronted The Rioters Once He Got His Distance

“I don’t wanna run nobody over, y’all started throwing s*** at my motherf***in’ truck. Y’all are stupid man, f***in’ dumb, idiot protesters. You think you’re doing good, but you’re doing bad. I love black people. The s*** you’re doing up there? It’s stupid. You started piling s*** on my motherf***in’ truck for no reason.

Riot Sympathizers Quickly Tried To Spin This Incident With Bogus Claims

The truck was at a complete stop when the driver was attacked by antifa-BLM rioters. At no point was anyone in any danger whatsoever (besides for the driver who had his windows smashed in). Still, antifa-aligned “media” members began twisting the facts despite multiple angles showing the vehicle occupant under assault.

Look, these people are vicious vandals. The moment they trap a vehicle (which they are shocked, shocked to find driving on a road) they swarm and attack it like angry hornets then act aghast when the driver doesn’t just sit there and take it, hoping that they don’t kill him before their blood-lust ends. No more! The driver of this vehicle did nothing wrong.

Here’s an image of the clearly smashed window:

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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