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Video: Shootout At Kenosha Riot Leaves At Least Two Wounded, Reports Of An Officer Down

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This Is A Breaking News Update: The Riots In Kenosha Have Reached A Point Of Critical Escalation With Multiple Groups Armed. Just Now A Shootout Took Place Leaving At Least Two Wounded With Their Medical Status Currently Unknown

We do not have many details for you at this time but below you will see a number of videos related to the incident. This story has been updated with additional information.

Update 1:

A witness to the shooting (scroll below for the video) indicates that the shooter was accused of shooting someone else. While he retreated, shouting that he was innocent, Black Lives Matter members chased him shouting “let’s beat him up!” When they cornered their suspect, the man opened fire.

These are just initial details and we will be updating this story again shortly.

Update 2: Officers have arrived at the scene.

Update 3: There are three suspects involved in the shooting. Police have detained two. A K9 unit has been deployed to search for the third. One of the individuals turned themselves in.

Shooting Incident:

One Of The Wounded, Apparent Gunshot To Head:

Officers Are Now At The Scene:

More Videos, Eye-Witness Testimony Below:

Witness Describes His Understanding Of The Incident:

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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