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Video: “White Lives Don’t Matter” User Posts Video Of Brick Attack In Baltimore…Instagram Does Not Remove It

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An Instagram User By The Name Of “@traysavage_” Uploaded A Vicious Video Of Attempted Murder Which He Celebrated With Heartless Hashtags Applauding The Assault

Nationalist Review can confirm that the video does take place in Baltimore, Maryland (as the uploader suggests), though it is currently unclear if the user is the perpetrator, the oneray who filmed the hate crime, or if the he stole the video from another user.

Update: YouTube has removed the video we posted and the Instagram user has deleted it. We have embedded a video from Twitter.

Traysavage_, the user who uploaded the video (below), commented the following (edited to assist in clarity): “Young man you got knocked the f*** out! B****, you better not run! Unk tried to kill you. White Lives Do Not Matter, Black Lives Matter.”

Users reported the video (see below) for violating Instagram’s (Facebook) terms of service against glorifying violence, but the social media giant decided that the post was not in violation. This decision comes on the heels of Facebook announcing that any posts arguing that Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self defense are a violation of their community policies and have begun banning accounts as a result.

Update: We’ve provided information about the business owned by the Instagram user.

Please be advised, the video below may be shocking and inappropriate for some audiences. We have archived the original post here.

The Video Of The Assault:

Update: The video was removed by the user. Nice try. Here’s a copy, we’ve preserved an additional copy we will upload as necessary should YouTube attempt to memory-hole this attack. For those seeing this article for the first time, feel free to verify that he uploaded this video using the archive link provided.

A Screenshot Of A Passing Vehicle’s License Plate Confirms That The Incident Took Place In Maryland:

Instagram Has Determined This Video Did Not Violate Site Policy

Anti-White Violence Has Been Spreading Unfettered Through The Black Lives Movement:

Information On The Business Run By The Instagram User “Tray Savage”

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