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“You Should Be Hanged” Antifa Terrorizes Mother Of Victim In Portland Riots

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Antifa Sympathizers Are Launching Horrid Attacks Against The Mother Of Jordan Hollingsworth, Threatening Her And Her Son’s Life And Property

Yesterday, Nationalist Review reported that Jordan Hollingsworth was seeking help from true Americans after being attacked by the mob at a Portland antifa-BLM riot. While driving slowly through Portland, Hollingsworth was set upon by the rioters who smashed his windshield, slashed his tires, and attempted to barricade his truck to prevent him from escaping. Hollingsworth did escape, but his truck was only able to carry him twelve blocks away before the engine ceased operating. He abandoned the vehicle and rioters who followed him broke in and stole paper work with his home address.

You can read our original report of the incident here.

Since that night, they’ve been returning to his property. They’ve smashed the windows of his home, barricaded his driveway with a truckload of logs, and have been making death threats. At no point during Hollingsworth’s flight did he ever endanger any rioters despite fearing for his own life.

Now, they’re targeting his mother.

His mother, Dalia Kingsley, created a GoFundMe page to help him restore damage to his house, buy a new vehicle, and cover potential legal fees.

Her attempt to help her son has moved the nationwide community of patriotic Americans to donate, but it has also set her in antifa’s crosshairs. Here is just a small sampling of the hundreds of brutal comments she received.

“You better hope he doesn’t find himself trapped under a truck one day!”

Threats To Destroy Any Vehicle He Purchases With Donation Money…Threats To Dox Him

The Suggestion That She Should Hang And That Her Loved Ones Should Die Of Disease:

“He’s Lucky Only His Truck Was Destroyed”

Threats To Pay People To Attack Him:

Attempts To Report Her GoFundMe Campaign And Have Her Facebook Suspended

Some Random Lady Trying To Beg Antifa Sympathizers To Pay Her Instead:

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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