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Black Lives Matter Member Walks Into Retired Cop’s Bar And Murders Three People While Smiling

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The Story Gained Little Traction For Multiple Reasons: The Shooter Was Black, Wearing A Colin Kaepernick Shirt, And Was Arrested—Not Shot—By Responding Police Officers

Update: The shirt the shooter wore was actually a Colin Kaepernick t-shirt.

Update 2: Joe Bishop, described below as a retired police officer, was never on the force despite numerous posts from locals under the impression that Bungalow Joe’s was run by a former cop. As it turns out, his partner was the retired officer. It is currently unclear whether or not that individual is active in the business.

You probably didn’t hear about this story and the local news hasn’t done a great job of covering it either. That’s intentional. It goes against their narrative and you simply don’t see what they don’t want you to. Unless you’re reading and supporting parallel institutions. The Gateway Pundit covered this one correctly, for instance.

In any case, a radical Black Lives Matter member walked into a Louisville bar known as Bungalow Joe’s, opened fired on the people inside, and was walked out of the building by arresting officers while smiling in his Colin Kaepernick shirt. The shooter was 33-year-old Michael Rhynes.

When the dust cleared, three people had died. They were all co-workers. One was the father of a young girl. Another the fiance of the manager. The third was 48-year-old Scott Smallwood.

Shooter Sells “Police May Be The Biggest Gang In America” T-Shirts:

Instagram has removed the post, here’s a copy.

Here’s What Local Media Had To Say:


It started as a normal Friday night at Bungalow Joe’s restaurant, customers were finishing their last drinks and food just before closing time, but within seconds the night took a deadly turn when a man opened fire and killed three people. Joe Bishop, the owner of Bungalow Joe’s spent his Saturday morning scrubbing blood from the restaurant’s patio. “A sick deranged individual decided he was going to take three people’s lives,” Bishop said.

Just before 11:30 Friday night, LMPD officers said 33-year-old Michael Rhynes shot and killed three men sitting on the restaurant’s patio. “A person walked across the street, looked in my patio walked around the patio, came up to this table right here, and indiscriminately shot three of my customers,” Bishop explained. “One of which was my manager’s fiancé.”

24-year-old Steven Head died at University Hospital, 26-year-old Toreon Hudson and 48-year-old Scott Smallwood died at the restaurant. “Toreon was a regular up here and he was one of the most well-liked customers that we ever had,” Bishop added. “And of course Scott, I didn’t know the other young guy but Scott was the very first customer I had at my place.” Smallwood died in the same place he met his soon to be wife who was sitting right next to him during the fatal moment. LMPD officers found Rhynes in a ditch across the street from the restaurant not even 30 minutes after the shooting.

But there’s a missing piece to that puzzle. Rhynes apparently orchestrated a politically motivated attack—this wasn’t some coincidental, random killing. He attacked a bar while dressed in a shirt prized by Black Lives Matter rioters. And that’s the lede—or it should have been. Black Lives Matter and their antifa co-conspirators are criminal elements currently wreaking havoc, murder, and destruction across the entire country.

And our leaders at all levels are doing nothing to stop them.

The Victims Of This Monster:

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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