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Black Lives Matter Rioters Published An Approved List Of Journalists That Cover For Their Crimes

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The Rioters Have Compiled A List Of Friendly “Journalists” Who Help Shape A Narrative…If You’re Not One Of Them, They’ll Attack You

Antifa has compiled a list of pre-approved “journalists” who should be left alone if seen filming the riots. These so-called members of the press have agreed to a number of narrative shaping rules that help the rioters manage their public perception. You can view the file which Nationalist Review archived here. Additionally we’ve provided screenshots of document below.

“You Do Not Show Activists Faces”

Antifa-aligned “journalists” agree to a certain provisions that help cover for the rioters’ crimes, as Reason points out:

“The IPC and other documentarians who are deemed sympathetic to the activists’ cause agree on certain principles. You do not show activists’ faces. You only show activists in a defensive position: responding to, rather than inciting, violence. You enhance what can appear to be police brutality, e.g., activists defending themselves with homemade shields, often bearing the anarchist circle-A, against police. The shields are largely ineffective for personal defense, but extremely effective for optics, and that’s precisely the point. If a member of the IPC is arrested, he or she will be protected.”


If one of their chosen reporters faces charges for their conduct during the protests, they have an ample network of support ready to fight for them.

The Document:

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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