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Black Lives Matter Terrorists Dishonor September 11th Victims With “All Buildings Matter” Trend

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Black Lives Matter Is Seeking To Rile Conservative And Patriotic Americans By Juxtaposing “All Lives Matter” With “All Buildings Matter” On The 19th Anniversary Of The Worst Terror Attack On US Soil

Were you wondering what these godless people might do to attack what it means to be an American on one of the most somber days in our nation’s history? Well, Black Lives Matter is here to make a mockery of the nearly 3,000 who died 19 years ago. Some users posted inappropriate jokes and others mocked conservatives, but more than a handful were genuinely annoyed that an annual tribute is paid to those who died that day. Below, we’ve included quite a number of statements made by BLM supporters and have archived them for the sake of posterity.

The hashtag #AllBuildingsMatter was ranked 2nd at the time of this publication.

Their argument, which even some within their own ranks found detestable, is idiotic without even considering the amoral nature in which it was delivered. There wasn’t a racial component to the September 11th attacks. That day was a great equalizer in tragedy. Dozens of blacks died—in the same rubble, the same fires, the same explosions—alongside other Americans of all races and creeds that day. Twelve black firefighters died rushing into the towers, 71 New York Police Officers, mostly white, departed this world with them. Remembering those lost is, without question, in line with the ‘All Lives Matter’ way of thinking. And that’s really the whole point, it was never about buildings—no one is mourning the building. It was always about lives.

That Black Lives Matter thinks their blatant disregard for those still mourning on this day is somehow a way to target white conservatives is simply stupid. Regardless of how anyone might feel about the warmongering in Iraq that followed or about lies our government told us in the immediate aftermath, good Americans agree: 11 September 2001 is a date which will “live in infamy.”

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The Commentary Was So Depraved That Even Some “ACAB” Adherents Spoke Out:


Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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