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Dem Congressmen Continue To Spread Lie That Breonna Taylor Was Asleep When Shot Despite AG Debunking

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Breonna Taylor Was Shot And Killed While Standing Next To Her Boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, Who Fired Upon Police After They Attempted To Execute A Search Warrant

Three Members of Congress have maliciously spread a lie that was directly refuted Attorney General Daniel Cameron during his press conference regarding the indictment of Louisville Police Officer Brett Hankison. Senator Ed Markey (D-MA), Rep. Donna Shalala (D-FL), and Rep. Al Green (D-TX) all indiscriminately spread disinformation that was directly refuted by Cameron regarding Taylor’s death (videos below).

Joining them in this lie that will likely lead to untold destruction in Louisville this evening, were members of the media, local court employees, non-governmental organizations like Amnesty International, and numerous Democrat campaign strategists (their statements are included at the bottom of this post).

Specifically, these elected officials—each sitting members in Congress—used their substantial social media platforms to claim that Breonna Taylor was murdered while “sleeping” despite evidence reviewed by the grand jury refuting this lie that originated from within the Black Lives Matter movement.

Taylor Was Named In The Search Warrant…Her Boyfriend Shot First…

The reality is that Breonna Taylor, an alleged co-conspirator on the search warrant that was executed at her apartment, was standing in the hallway next to her boyfriend Kenneth Walker when police knocked, announced themselves, and, after receiving no response, entered her residence. A witness confirms all of this despite Black Lives Matter claiming they executed a no-knock warrant. Upon entering, they were fired upon by Walker and the officers returned fire in kind. LMPD Sgt. Mattingly, was wounded by Walker, and Breonna Taylor was killed in the ensuing shots returned by Mattingly and an accompanying officer, Cosgrove.

These details were exhaustingly explained by Attorney General Cameron. But that has not stopped Democrats from continuing to lie about the course of events that evening.

The Grand Jury Determined The Use Of Deadly Force Was Justified—No Officer Is At Fault For The Death Of Breonna Taylor:

Congressmen Joined In On The Disinformation Campaign:

The deliberate spread of this lie can only be motivated by one thing: a delight in the destructions and riots that are taking place across the country and a desire to use this unrest for political gain.

Other Black Lives Matter Sympathizers Piled On:

Democrat Strategist:

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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