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Live Video Updates: Louisville Black Lives Matter Riots Following Grand Jury Decision On Death Of Breonna Taylor

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Key Players:

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This article will be updated as more videos come in. Please consider sharing in order to inform others of the violence taking place on the streets of America by this terrorist organization.


Rioters Arrive With U-Hauls Stocked With Gear:

1:30 PM

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron: ‘Shooting Justified’

Rioters Harass Journalists For Filming During Grand Jury Announcement:

3:50 PM

Rioters Flip Tables At Louisville Restaurant:

4:00 PM

Rioters Smash Business Owner’s Establishment:

4:03 PM

Rioters Discover Man Who Filmed Above Incidents And Attack Him:

5:00 PM

Police vs Rioter Skirmishes Break Out, A Number Of Arrests Made:

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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