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Video: Black Conservative In San Francisco Shouts “White Lives Matter” While Confronting Liberals

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Here’s A Video Making The Rounds Today — YouTube User “Savage Audits” Makes The Case For The Sanctity Of All Lives In San Francisco

YouTuber “Savage Audits” made his way through Burlingame, a small city on the edge of San Francisco, while shouting about the increase of segregated “safe spaces” on college campuses that prohibit the presence of white students. As he walked by, a number of residents responded to him, with some even reacting positively.

Others were confused to hear this messaging coming from a black American. Most were angry—they even called the cops on him. (Video below.)

Savage Audits

“I know that [anti-white rhetoric is] wrong as a black man!”

“You’re not even white,” one black teenager shouted at him.

“That’s right, that’s the whole f***ing point. That’s the point. We’ve got a**holes in this country, white, black, and everything in between, telling us that there is something wrong with being white,” Savage Audits responded. “And I know that’s wrong, as a black man.”

Eventually he ran into a man who attempted to pick a fight with him, an Asian American tried to steal his phone, and a small mob of teenagers began to follow behind him.

One woman nodded along as Savage Audits listed the accomplishments of Europeans and others were surprised to hear that colleges have begun re-segregating certain areas of campus, like Oklahoma University chose to do earlier this month.

Some were not so welcoming to his message:

One woman got in his face to flip him off. Another man dressed in motorcycle gear began to follow him shortly thereafter. When Savage Audits tried to tell the man to stop following him, the man attempted to instigate a fight. The instigator claimed he was a “conservative,” and maybe that’s true, but his reaction to a simple and peaceful message leads Nationalist Review to expect otherwise.

The Instigator.

“Back the f*** up,” the man stalking him said. “You want to press me?” It was clear at this point that he wanted to start a fight.

He later cried to YouTube to have the video removed. Savage Audits uploaded the complete version, embedded above, to his Bitchute channel.

Here’s the edited YouTube video that removed the confrontation with the “conservative”

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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