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Video: Black Lives Matter Attacks Elderly Drivers, Bashes In The Skull Of Man Who Comes To Their Rescue (Exclusive)

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Zachary Winn, A Concerned Local Citizen Stopped To Observe A Black Lives Matter “Protest” Outside Of An Ithaca, New York Police Department When He Saw An Elderly Couple Targeted By The Mob, He Called For The Police. . .

But the police were ordered to stand down.

In the minutes that follow the attack on two elderly motorists, Winn can be seen desperately banging on the doors of the police vestibule, demanding that law enforcement officers respond to a crime taking place just outside of their precinct. According to Winn, they were likely ordered to stand down by Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick. They told him they were not responding to calls on the street since rioters were attempting to instigate a response from them.

What followed resulted in what the local press described as a “minor” injury to Zachary Winn.

Injuries sustained by Winn following the assault by Black Lives Matter rioters

Meanwhile, rioters encircled the vehicle, kicked a side-view mirror off of the car, sat on the roof, and chanted “back up, go home” to the confused elderly couple sitting inside. The situation was escalating and it was immediately clear to Winn that there was no help coming. So Zachary Winn stepped up and did what any good Samaritan would do. He attempted to help the elderly people and rioters turned their attention to Winn, tackling and then viciously assaulting him.

Multiple local publications have lied about this chain of events and deliberately assisted in the defamation of Winn’s character. This story will be continuously updated throughout the evening with their statements, publications where applicable, and corrections to the lies they have told.

In the aftermath of the assault, members of the Black Lives Matter coalition by the names of Ary Stewart and Angela DeVivo also attempted to defame Winn during a local city council meeting, claiming he is a white supremacist and that he attacked them. Additionally, members of the local press have claimed that rioters deescalated the situation and came to an “agreement” with the drivers. The video evidence below proves that this story is false.

Nationalist Review has reached out to the Ithaca Police Department for comment and we’ve been told that the deputy chief will be in touch with us over the next few days.

Video Of The Incident As Recorded By Zachary Winn:

How The Events Unfolded:

Winn is seen observing the rioters from a distance when he notices them harassing an elderly couple. He monitors the situation for a few minutes and then takes off for the police station when deescalation grows increasingly less likely.

“Answer the phone! There’s someone outside that needs your help. Get out there and help those old f***ing people now! Do you hear me?! Go help them!” Winn frantically called the police from the phone in the vestibule of their precinct with the rioters just outside.

“There’s a bunch of old people surrounded on Clinton Street by the mob…and they’re not letting them through. So you should get out here and f***ing do something! I’m in the lobby, they haven’t done s***. Get out here and help these f***ing people.”

With the police refusing to respond to an attack on an elderly couple by a mob of street criminals, Winn took it upon himself to act. A rioter, noticing that he was inside the police precinct attempting to rally aid for the drivers, immediately signaled to her compatriots that Winn was “inviting police to a protest.”

“Do not invite the police to the protest,” some unhinged member of the mob screamed.

Winn told Nationalist Review that he then came up with a plan in the spur of the moment: to sacrifice himself as a means to allow the elderly couple to escape.

“F*** you, b***. Hi, you like bullying elderly people? Eat s***.” At this point Winn had reached a level of righteous anger about the situation unfolding.

“Guy’s look out! Someone coming over does not stand with us,” the woman again alerted her friends in the mob.

“I do not stand with you,” he agreed. “Get the f*** out of the f***ing road and leave those old people alone. F*** you! F*** everything you stand for. Get out of the goddamn road. They are elderly people and they are not part of your f***ing bullshit.”

He frantically positioned his body between the bumper of the car and the rioters who were trying to detain the couple and then began to box the rioters out, creating a path for the vehicle to proceed while shouting at them to drive. He succeeded, but not without a cost. Rioters pounced on Winn, pummeling him while he was on the ground and splitting open his forehead.

“Get out of the goddamn road,” he said again to the protesters. Then his voice grew more alarmed as rioters began putting their hands on him.

“Drive, drive! Get through!” Winn screamed to the elderly couple creating a path for their escape.

He was then tackled by what he described as a white man with dreadlocks and was continuously pummeled. His head was split open and a brutal gouge was left. Winn explained to us that the beating continued until it was so bad the rioters realized they would lose control of the narrative if it continued. They offered to render him aid and wash the blood away from his head. He refused.

A three hour standoff ensued with Winn waiting for police to exit their hiding place so that he could make a statement about the incident.

The Lies Told By Local Media Complicit With Black Lives Matter Criminals:

You will notice that Winn does not engage the protesters until he is told that no help will be coming to the elderly motorists. Moreover, he makes it clear that he does not want a physical altercation with them. Anna Lamb, a journalist with the Ithaca Voice, knowingly published false information claiming that he threw a punch at one of the protesters. She claims to have reviewed footage that we believe was shot by Genevievi Rand or Ary Stewart.

If such video even exists, the two are withholding evidence from the police—likely because it does not conform to the narrative they have set.

Rioters engaged in the violence also spun their own lies, claiming that the elderly drivers attempted to gleefully plow over protesters…while moving at the snails pace that only an elderly driver is capable.

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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