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Video: Black Lives Matter Punches Driver And Attempts To Pull Them From A Car

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A Motorist Was Chased Down By Black Lives Matter, Punched, Had Their Windows Smashed, And Barely Escaped With Their Life…Then They Were Detained By The Police

Update: Police issued a statement saying the driver was detained and rioters involved identified.

The video is below. Let us know if you think this driver deserved to be detained. Here’s what happened:

A driver in a white prius happened upon a demonstration blocking an intersection in Hollywood and attempted to calmly maneuver through the crowd without injuring anyone. Rioters, doing what they love most, began harassing the driver and pounding on their windows. Upon making it through the intersection, the driver assumed they were home free and clear of any more trouble from the street agitators.

They were wrong.

A chase had developed behind them, and a pickup truck laden with Black Lives Matter—and an antifa ‘journalist’—followed in pursuit. A second vehicle, a green convertible, was close behind.

The black pickup managed to maneuver in front of the white Prius, causing it to come to a stop, either striking the bumper of the truck or missing it by mere inches. One occupant from the truck hopped out and approached the drivers window and can be seen punching the motorist and attempting to pull them from the vehicle.

The driver of the Prius attempted to go in reverse to escape, thereby striking the green convertible—also filled with Black Lives Matter members—behind them. Those occupants joined the fray, one of them using a skateboard to smash the windows of the vehicle. Another Black Lives Matter supporter struck the car with a bike. One stabbed at the windows with a flagpole.

The driver then managed to escape, but soon after they were detained by the police.

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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