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Video: “Call The Cops!” Antifa Cries After Man Takes Their Megaphone While They Trespass On His Property

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Rioters in DC were confronted by a man who was entirely sick of their nonsense this evening. With a swift lunge, he snatched their obnoxious megaphone right out of their hands and then dangled it in their faces. Irate at the idea of someone stopping them from enhancing their screeches (as they stood on private property), one woman in the group cried out, “call the cops!”

He then plays keep-away with it for a couple moments and eventually (unfortunately) returns it to them.

It’s An Effective Strategy That Conservatives Need To Formulate A Response To:

It’s possible an effective strategy if you think about it. The hypocrisy is beside the point. What does the Black Lives Matter-Antifa coalition really want? They want to defund the police. A step towards doing that is to get the police to arrest people right-of-center, thereby alienating law enforcement from the conservative movement.

It worked in Milwaukee where a man, inside his home, held a shotgun as rioter traipsed all across his yard. They claimed he pointed it at them menacingly (after they threatened him outside for three hours). The Milwaukee Police arrived, arrested the man, and then put out a statement the next day justifying the act.

Conservative commentators were right to attack the police for this, after all, we can’t afford to let the Left riot and intimidate wherever they please, and law enforcement certainly hasn’t been allowed to contain them.

But it’s also a tactical win for their organization and puts them one step closer to achieving their goals each time they see a conservative carted off to jail.

The video looks to have taken place in Dupont Circle, a predominantly gay DC community.

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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