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Video: “I’d Do It Again” Chicago “Activist”, Praised By Mayor, Abused Horse To Near Death…May Still Be Euthanized

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And It Isn’t The First Time He Endangered A Horse’s Life…

A Chicago “activist” is facing the charges of a felony count of aggravated cruelty to an animal, misdemeanor counts of reckless conduct, trespassing, and other traffic-related violations after he illegally rode a horse nearly to death over the course of 7.5 miles in an illegal protest. He was seen repeatedly “kicking and whipping the horse when it reached the point of exhaustion. He only stopped when it collapsed.

Prosecutors describe his actions as the equivalent to forcing an “80-year-old woman to run a full marathon.” This isn’t the first time he’s abused an animal in the hopes of gaining attention, either. When it was all said and done, the animal had suffered lacerations to it’s legs causing extreme bleeding. Experts say that the poor creature may still have to be euthanized and that it would have been nearly impossible for Hollingsworth to not notice the toll it was taking.

Adam Hollingsworth goes by “Dread Head Cowboy” as a stage name, but Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot calls him the “Census Cowboy” and praises him for his activist work. Now, with a little common-sense, the world may know him for what he really is: a heartless animal abuser with little remorse for his actions.

Nationalist Review wrote about this man once before—he was riding a horse through the streets of Chicago during a night of Black Lives Matter violence.

He told on-lookers that he “stole it.” That wasn’t the case. Instead it seems he owns it and merely takes animal abuse as a force of habit. That pattern of abuse may now cost an animal its life, as equine veterinarians grapple with the decision over whether to put it down.

Hollngsworth has also made controversial comments about the police in his role as a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, saying things such as “f*** the police.”

He Says He Would Do It All Over Again:

In a press conference following his release while he awaits trial, Hollingsworth was asked if he would do it all again and asked his best buddy, Mayor Lori Lightfoot, to “come and help” him.

“Would I do it again? Yes, I’d do it again.”

Full Video

“I probably could have do(sic) a little bit less, but I had to make a statement,” Hollingsworth said. That statement? That violence against children is bad. Violence against animals was simply a means to an end, apparently.

“I did see the horse bleeding, but, um, have you been to a racetrack before? Have you been to the circus? Have you been to a farm where they work horses?”

Local public broadcasting station WTTW reports:

But Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney Kevin Deboni said the horse was ill-equipped for this ride and was run almost to death. Hollingsworth allegedly rode the horse onto the Dan Ryan at the 35th Street feeder ramp at around 4:30 p.m. Deboni said the horse spent most of the ride galloping, but it did not have on proper shoes for the pavement, which caused bleeding and “extensive damage” to its health.

Law enforcement began trailing Hollingsworth on the expressway until the horse collapsed at around 9500 South Lafayette, Deboni said, adding that onlookers allegedly saw Hollingsworth kicking and whipping the horse to keep it galloping after it slowed down. The horse was taken for observations by both the acting director of Chicago Animal Care & Control and another equine veterinarian. Deboni said both experts agreed the horse suffered “a great deal” due to its treatment, citing extreme dehydration, overheating and lacerations to its front legs that caused “profuse” bleeding.

Euthanasia may be used for “humane reasons,” he said, “due to the suffering the animal will likely endure for the rest of its life.”

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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