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Video: “Officer Down” Black Lives Matter Rioters Shoot Two Louisville Police Officers

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Two Officers Have Been Shot By Black Lives Matter Criminals In Louisville This Evening Following The Grand Jury Announcement Regarding The Death Of Breonna Taylor Earlier Today

Update: The count has risen to three – one shot in the head, one in the vest, one in the leg.

Amidst the increasingly tense demonstrations in Louisville after today’s announcement in the Breonna Taylor case, tensions came to a head and shots rang out in the immediate metro area. Though details are currently sparse, captured video shows the altercation transpire.

Multiple Videos Recorded The Moment Gunfire Erupted:

From what can can be gleaned, multiple shots were fired at police with two officers down. As gunfire rings out, protesters flee and massive police presence rapidly unfurls. Ambulances arrive within seconds and protesters are forced down the sidewalk to clear the immediate area. “They shot at police… They didn’t shoot in the air, they shot at them…” a protester can be heard saying on video. Louisville Metro Police switched from non-lethal rounds to wielding real rifles in response to the officer-involved shooting.

LMPD Rushes Wounded Officers To An Ambulance:

View Outside The Hospital:

LMPD Confirm Their Officers Were Shot

LMPD spokesperson Jesse Halladay confirmed in a release that an officer was shot downtown and taken to a nearby hospital for medical attention. She said a statement would be issued by the department soon.

Federal Investigators Are Assisting Louisville:

FBI and SWAT have also arrived in Louisville responding to the reports of officers down and will continue to assist in the investigation and enforcement if any other chaos takes place in Louisville tonight.

NBC News Reports Two Officers Shot, Corroborating Reports From Local Sources:

Though it remains unclear whether or not two officers were shot during the initial shooting which took place around 8:30 PM EST or two separate incidents, it does seem that two police officers were shot in the midst of duty, trying to enforce and serve the community that has vilified them.

Early Sources Indicate That At Least One Suspect Has Been Detained:

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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