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Video: Police Shoot Violent Subject Who Was Beating Female Rookie Cop To Death

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The Suspect, Willie Henly, Is “Alive And Talking” After Ofc. Karl Schultz Shot Him As He Brutally Beat A Female Rookie Cop With A Bat

Nationalist Review spoke to sources within the Buffalo Police Department who were privy to the details of the shooting. The rookie, who Nationalist Review can name as Ofc. Alyssa Peron, had been on the job for less than one week when the incident occurred, is doing well following the attack.

Since the suspect was black, Black Lives Matter has already begun twisting the details of this case in order to further their agenda (see below).

Officer Schultz took swift action to save the inexperienced female officer’s life and the suspect, Willie Henly, is expected to survive his wounds. Peron suffered 2-3 blows to the head from the suspect with the bat. Schultz is an Iraq war veteran who honorably served two tours. Previously, Schultz performed CPR in order to save the life of another man who was shot by police.

Henly, according to sources, was having a “mental health crisis” when he began to “blast the rookie with a bat.” Officers attempted to deescalate the situation, following Henly for four blocks as he screamed violent threats. Officers on the scene attempted to use a taser multiple times.

In March 2013, Henly’s son stabbed his mother’s boyfriend several times with a knife, causing injuries “that included a potentially fatal laceration to his heart.”

Officer Schultz was previously involved in another shooting incident that left a 15-year-old Hispanic boy paralyzed after he stole a car. With this information in mind, it’s not unlikely that the Black Lives Matter crowd will use today’s shooting as a means to sow chaos in Buffalo once more. Complicating matters further, the shooting officer is the cousin of Lt. Michael DeLong, the Buffalo Police member who was suspended for calling a woman “c***” earlier this year.

Buffalo Black Lives Matter Types Lie, Push Narrative Of Police Office Violence:

They just can’t help themselves. Black Lives Matter is already attempting to shape this narrative in a manner that suggests the shooting incident was avoidable. They’ve even gone so far as to claim that the victim died. All of this should sound familiar.

They’ve Even Spread A Rumor That The Suspect Died:

The Suspect Is In Stable Condition:

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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