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Video: Rioters Celebrate Hospitalization Of Journalist They Attacked In Asheville, NC

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Chad Nesbitt Is Currently Hospitalized With A Traumatic Brain Injury As A Result Of The Attack

In another bout of what seems to be left-wing violence, Skyline News reporter Chad Nesbitt was assaulted in Asheville, North Carolina tonight. Skyline News is an investigative news team that covers all of western North Carolina. Nesbitt, one of their reporters, was out covering a local demonstration in response to today’s announcement regarding Breonna Taylor. In Nesbitt’s clip of the altercation, he can be seen surrounded by protesters. Nesbitt tells them several times “not to touch” him but the agitators only crowd closer and tell him that “no one is touching” him.

His Wife Reports He Suffered A Traumatic Brain Injury:

Nesbitt details that the protesters had congregated in front of the Asheville police department, and pans his livestream around to the people mobbing around him as the protesters call him a “piece of shit” and tell Nesbitt to stop touching them. As Nesbitt tells a man near him, “no one is touching you, sir”, his camera suddenly jerks up and his livestream abruptly ends. Another video picks up where Nesbitt’s stream ends, showing BLM agitators pushing one of Nesbitt’s friends – with an excessive amount of force – backward into Chad. A Facebook comment describing the incident specifies:

“So as you see in the video, Chad Nesbitt’s friend was pushed into him. Chad fell backwards and cracked his skull on a parking meter and was unresponsive…”

Despite the life threatening nature of Nesbitt’s fall, that hasn’t stopped people from celebrating the incident.

The fact of the matter is BLM protesters shoved Nesbitt’s friend – who may potentially be his bodyguard – into him with massive force which caused Chad to go down as well. Whether or not the protesters saw the parking meter behind Nesbitt is irrelevant. Nesbitt’s head took the brunt of the fall and he remained unmoving on the ground afterward, according to eye-witness accounts. As detailed by Caitlyn Penter – a reporter from WLOS 13, a local ABC affiliate – Nesbitt was taken from the scene by ambulance.

Nesbitt could likely see a lasting impact from the incident, be it brain trauma or -0God forbid– even death. For leftists to herald it as celebration truly shows how unhinged and depraved they have become. As of writing, Chad Nesbitt’s condition is unknown.

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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