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Video: “That’s How You Do It!” Black Lives Matter ‘Journalist’ Praises Suspected Cop Shooter On Stream

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Reggie Inkagnedo, A Black Lives Matter Journalist, Celebrated The Shooter Who Fired Upon Police Wounding Two Officers Saying “They Freed Him”

Reggie Inkagnedo has been a prolific streamer in the pro Black Lives Matter crowd and earlier tonight, he captured the moments leading up to the shooting of two Louisville police officers. After he ran away from the scene, he immediately spoke to two other witnesses, heaping multiple praises on the shooter in the process.

That’s the least of Reggie’s worries though, since he also aided a subject who was wanted for questioning in the immediate aftermath of the shooting. (videos below)

It’s unclear at this time if the two individuals were involved in the shooting or some other criminal activity.

“I Got Them Out Of There!”

“That’s How You Gotta Do It!”

“I’m Actually Free Right Now From Whoever Took Those Shots”

“Whoever Offered Those Gunshots Is The Reason Why I’m Free”

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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