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Video: “This Is Not A Protest” Rioters Warn Parents With Children To Leave Before Violence Begins

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Earlier this evening, a domestic disturbance call in Lancaster, Pennsylvania developed into an officer involved shooting after the subject reportedly charged police officers while wielding a knife. Black Lives Matter was quickly at the scene of the shooting and promptly began to rotate their rumor mill.

While the deceased is reportedly a 28-year-old man, the street terrorists have spun up a tale about how he was actually a 14-year-old unarmed autistic child. Soon, rioters were flooding to the streets and they brought with them an ominous message foreshadowing potential violence later this evening. So, if violence does develop—you heard it here first—it was both premeditated and based on a lie.

“This is not no protest”

Rioters Gleefully Lied About The Shooting In Order To Drive People Into The Streets:

Police and local affiliates are clear: the deceased subject was armed and dangerous. That hasn’t stopped rioters from spreading their false narrative.

“If our children are here—I’m a mom, my children are at home—take your children home,” one woman yells over the megaphone.

A man joins her in this message, “Take your kids home!”

“This is not the protest where they will learn anything.”

“This is not no protests.”

“If you’re under the age of 18 yourself, get the Hell out of here. Right now. This is not for you. This isn’t a show.”

The message is clear: this is, by the accounts of actual participants, not going to be a peaceful protest.

Nationalist Review will be tracking events an Lancaster and will provide updates should anything develop.

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