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Videos: Pennsylvania Riots Night One – All The Violent Clips Black Lives Matter Doesn’t Want You To See In One Place

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Lancaster, Pennsylvania Turned Violent After Rioters Intentionally Circulated Fake News About An Autistic Child Being Killed By Police

If you want to skip ahead to the violence, we understand — you’ll find plenty of clips below just scroll to the heading that catches your attention.

Protests in Pennsylvania turned violent as Nationalist Review predicted they would following the intentional dissemination of misinformation about the shooting of an armed black man who charged at police with a knife. Black Lives Matter rioters, seeking to provoke the destruction of another American city, spread the word that fully grown man police lawfully killed was actually a 14-year-old child who was unarmed and diagnosed with autism.

Needless to say, this man did not have autism, nor was he a child. But he did have a violent criminal history which included at least one other stabbing incident during which he plunged a knife into four other people including one minor. But Black Lives Matter has never been an organization to let the facts get in the way of their looting and arson. As the clock ticked onward last night, that was exactly what Lancaster experienced.

By the end of the night, the few honest journalists present to document the terrorism had been harassed and intimidated by street thugs, the police station had been attacked, numerous shops looted, and fires lit.

Rioters Began Swarming The Streets After Police Shot A Violent Criminal Who Charged At Them With A Knife:

Then The Rumor Mill Began To Swirl: Rioters Intentionally Spread A False Narrative About The Deceased Being A 14-Year-Old Autistic Child

Again, this wan’t a child. It was a 27-year-old man with a history of psychopathic stabbing sprees. Why he was out of jail, we’re not quite certain. What we do know is that he attacked four people with a knife previously and police had to use a taser on him during that prior encounter.

Then The Riot Began: Riot Leaders On Scene Demanded That Parents With Children Leave The Area, The Implication Being That Things Would Soon Become Violent

Local Reporters Refused To Correct Rioters Who Again, And Again, Repeated The Same Fake Rumor About A Child Being Shot

By this point, all the facts had come to light. Body camera footage had been released, the DA had commented on the situation, the deceased subject’s criminal history had been discovered…but local mainstream affiliates who were on the ground continued to let rioters use their platform to spread a malicious narrative about a child being slain.

Independent Journalists Were Attacked For Filming:

Rioters Destroyed Police Cars With Bricks:

Rioters From Philly Allegedly Came In To Assist The Mob:

Conveniently, Local Media Left Shortly Before The Real Violence Began:

The Fires Were Lit:

Police Attempted To Disperse The Crowd With Irritants:

One Man Took A Canister Directly To His Crotch:

Then The Looting Began:

“They keep asking each other out loud when they are going to start breaking stuff and looting”

The Cavalry Arrives:

One Streamer Of Unknown Affiliation Was Tackled After Running From Police

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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