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Month: October 2020

Exclusive: Hunter Biden, In His Own Words, Describes Trading Access To White House For Burisma Funding

Nationalist Review is able to name the individuals that Hunter Biden, acting under the auspices of his duties as Chairman of the World Food Program USA, plotted to place in

Mother Forces 13-Year-Old Son To Smuggle Enough Fentanyl To Kill 249,476 People

Mother uses her children as drug mules to traffic large quantities of lethal narcotics into the United States The young minor had 1.10 lbs. of fentanyl strapped to his body

“I’m Crying” Liberals Whine As Amy Coney Barrett Is Sworn In

Well, Amy Coney Barrett has just been sworn in as a Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. But how are liberals going to react to the news

Vladimir Putin Defends Biden Family Business Dealings, Placing Democrats In Hilariously Tight Spot

Will the cries of “Russia, Russia, Russia!” fall awkwardly silent as Democrats work through the mental calculus of this one? Russian President Vladimir Putin has seemingly put Democrats in a

Report: If Reelected, Trump To Fire Heads Of FBI, CIA, Secretary Of Defense And Others…

According To Axios, The President Has A List Of Names On Their Way Out The Door If He Retains The Oval Office: FBI Director Christopher Wray, CIA Director Gina Haspel,

Video: Antifa Agitators Punch, Throw Rocks At “Jews For Trump” Supporters During NYC Caravan

Multiple other acts of violence took place, see below for the complete set of videos: This black bloc terrorist was quickly introduced to the pavement after throwing one of the

Radical Islamists Threaten To Behead Mayor Of City Where Teacher Was Decapitated A Week Ago

“Jérémy Breaud we will behead you,” threats left in city read: Thursday, three separate instances of graffiti were discovered in the Lyon metropolitan area threatening the life of mayor Jérémie

Over 100 Illegal Aliens Arrested In Past 30 Hours In Just One Section Of Border

Report Directly From CBP: In a period of just over 30 hours, numerous human smuggling events were intercepted throughout the Laredo Sector’s area of operations that resulted in the arrest

Republican Congressman And Family Receive Threat In Targeted Attack On Their Home

Republican Representative Tom Reed released an alarming statement about a threat that he and his family received outside their home in Corning, NY A dead animal and a brick with

Night Of The Voting Dead: Some States Will Count Early Votes From Those That Die Before Election Day

With the heavy increase in early voting, a curious question arises: what happens when an individual casts a ballot and then dies before election day? Well, the answer may surprise