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Anonymous Website Hosts Database Of All Donald Trump Donors’ Addresses In Voter Intimidation Campaign

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The website DonaldTrump.Watch created a database of every single person who donated to the Donald Trump campaign, using publicly available information provided by the FEC. The creator of the site took this information, created a data table with the donor’s addresses, and plotted their information on an interactive map using software created by OpenStreetMap (and openly available to the public).

Visitors to the site can find the names and addresses of Trump donors within a searched zip code, under an individual’s last name, or from a number of other queries.

The owners of the database, who have not disclosed their identities (despite doxing thousands of donors) also own the domain That website resolves to once loaded. Very little information about the company can be found otherwise.

The site is purportedly operated by an incorporated entity called “Public Service Media Group, Inc.” and can be traced to another similar, yet incomplete database, at Donor watch seems to be their first foray into type of public database and claims to reveal whether a neighborhood is red or blue. In actuality, the tables are incomplete and often only provide one or two names per zip code.

The organization, according to their email address, seems to have additionally operated a domain called, but little information about this website and whether it was ever accessible to the public can be determined at this time.

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