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Hunter Biden Allegedly Exposed Himself To Underage Relative According To Former Trump Admin Official

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According to Darren J. Beattie’s Revolver News, Hunter Biden did not just expose himself to underage girls as the bombshell text messages released today indicate, but he did so to a girl in his own family.

Beattie, a former White House official who studied political theory at Duke University before working at the Hudson Institute and then moving to the White House, published the disclosure earlier this evening.

According to Rudy Giuliani, the above text message shows Joe Biden (Junior) messaging his son, Robert “Hunter” Biden. Hunter goes on to say that he was informed that an unnamed woman told his therapist that he was sexually inappropriate with a minor and had a propensity to facetime naked with her and could no longer see her for that reason. If correct, Giuliani’s accusation indicates that Joe Biden was aware of the potential abuse taking place.

The relative would have been 14 to 15 years old when the abuse occurred, according to Revolver and Giuliani. Hunter briefly dated the widow of his deceased brother, Beau Biden, after splitting with his own wife of 24 years.

Judging from the report that the exchanges were between Hunter and a “14-year-old” girl, this would mean that Hunter Biden could have been abusing his own niece. To make matters worse, this abuse would line up with Hunter Biden’s dating of Hallie Biden, Beau’s widow.

Revolver Reports:

Hunter Biden is facing accusations that his laptop includes numerous suggestive images of underage girls, Rudy Giuliani announced on Newsmax TV Tuesday night. Rudy Giuliani also broke the news that a text message between Hunter and Joe indicates potentially nefarious activity, including Facetiming naked, between Hunter and an unnamed 14-year-old girl.

Giuliani has not revealed any of the images, even in a censored form, and Revolver has not been able to confirm their existence. A source close to the matter, though, who claims to have seen the images on Hunter’s laptop, told Revolver that about one-third of the images are of the same underage girl. Some of the images are topless, while in others she is shown in suggestive positions with Hunter himself.

Nationalist Review cannot independently confirm the report from Revolver, but we can say that if it is accurate, there is only one member of the Biden family that fits this description. Considering the sensitive nature of this report and it involving a minor, we’ve opted to leave the story here.

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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