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Pro Black Lives Matter Mayor Indicted On Charges Of Felony Campaign Finance Fraud

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Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren Has Been Indicted On Two Charges

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren (seriously, that’s her name), has been indicted by a grand jury on two felony charges. The first, is for a scheme to defraud and the second is for illegally coordinating expenditures with campaign activities. Indicted alongside Warren were her campaign treasurer, Albert Jones Jr, and Rosiland Brooks-Harris who is the treasurer of the political action committee that supported Warren’s election.

If convicted, Warren could be removed from office, face up to four years in prison, loser her pension, and be made to forfeit her license to practice law.

She will be arraigned, along with her associates on 5 October in front of Cayuga County Judge Thomas Leone in Monroe County. The charges stem from alleged illegal activity that took place during her 2017 campaign for mayor. She has one year remaining on her term in office.

Earlier this month, Lovely announced police “reforms” she planned to implement in order to appease Black Lives Matter in response to the death of Daniel Prude.

NBC News Reports:

A mayor in New York state who shook up her city’s police department after the death of Daniel Prude, a Black man who allegedly suffered from mental health problems, was hit Friday with campaign finance charges that could drive her out of office. Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren was indicted by a grand jury on charges of scheming to defraud and violating election law by illegally coordinating activities and expenditures, Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley said. Both charges stem from Warren’s 2017 re-election campaign. She has denied any wrongdoing. Warren, who did not release a statement after her indictment and whose office did not immediately respond to a request for comment, has an Oct. 5 court date and also faces the possibility of prison time and the loss of her law license if convicted.

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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