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Video: Portland Antifa Destroy Statues Of Abraham Lincoln And Teddy Roosevelt In “Day Of Rage”

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Petulant Morons Angry About Columbus Day Took To The Streets Of Portland To Destroy America’s History

In incoherent rants, the so-called “indigenous” sect of antifa organized a “Day of Rage” in response to Columbus Day (which these low intelligence cry babies refer to as “indigenous peoples’ day”) and destroyed numerous monuments dedicated to our nation’s history. Among the casualties this evening were statues of President Abraham Lincoln and President Theodore Roosevelt—the latter’s New Nationalism speech inspired the making of this website. (Videos of destruction below.)

Rioters also destroyed the Oregon Historical Society, smashing the windows and doing untold damage to the interior.

With shouts of “f*** the colonizers”, rioters attached chains to the monuments and pulled them down.

Nationalist Review believes that the colonization of the Americas brought about the greatest republic in the history of mankind and should be celebrated universally as a gift to humanity.

Rioters topple the statue of Teddy Roosevelt:

Rioters attacked the Oregon Historical Society:

The toppled statue of Abraham Lincoln:

One militant sits atop the toppled equestrian statue of Teddy Roosevelt:

The rioters celebrated news of the destruction of America’s history:

Portland Police have declared the gathering a riot and ordered the mob to disperse:

Portland “journalist” celebrates the destruction of the monuments:

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