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Video: Trump Supporter’s Home Vandalized Three Times In Two Months…Arrests Not Yet Made

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An Oregon Trump Supporters Home Has Been Targeted Repeatedly In Recent Months…

A Trump supporters home in Oregon’s Washington County was vandalized three times in the last two months. The homeowner, whose Trump flags were stolen, house and car spray painted, and lawn littered with garbage by the vandals says that he believes no arrests have been made despite having a clear picture of at least one of the perpetrators.

The unnamed homeowner says that his neighbors have also been targeted.

The local sheriffs department is currently investigating and has asked that anyone with information contact them.

Local Fox affiliate KPTV reports:

A Washington County homeowner said he has been victimized by vandals, and he believes it’s because of his flags supporting President Donald Trump. The Aloha homeowner did not want to go on camera with FOX 12 because the suspects haven’t been caught, but he shared surveillance video of the vandalism.

The man said it has happened repeatedly over the last two months. It began when he put up a Trump flag, which was then stolen. He ordered another Trump flag, and said it too was stolen. He put up a third flag and it was taken, as well. The thefts preceded damage to the man’s home. Suspects were caught on camera dumping trash on his front porch, and then two people were seen spray-painting graffiti on the home and a car.

The victim said he’s in disbelief at what’s happening, and he said even some of his neighbors have now been targeted. Washington County deputies confirmed they are investigating, and anyone with information is asked to contact the sheriff’s office.

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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