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Month: November 2020

Biden Team Granted $6.3 Million In Taxpayer Funds To Execute Transition

Biden Team to have access to over $6 million in taxpayer dollars… In what has been perceived as a disappointing sign from conservative commentators, an official from the Trump Administration

Pompeo Fails Trump, Fails All Americans, On Trip To Israel

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made history, becoming the first top government official to visit an illegal Israeli settlement in the occupied regions of the West Bank. For those

GOP Maricopa County Chairman Writes “Certification Denied” On Election Logic And Accuracy Test

The chairwoman of the Maricopa County Republican Party signed an election certification of logic and accuracy under protest today, penning “certification denied” in the margin of the form. Linda Brickman,

$1.2+ Million Worth Of Meth And Heroin Seized By CBP

US Customs and Border Protection made a large bust of “hard narcotics” in the Hidalgo, Texas region of the border. The smugglers attempted to bring their illicit goods across the

Video: Fights Break Out At Million MAGA March

A scuffle resulting in one brutal beating of Trump supporter took place a short while ago on the streets of DC. The clip can be seen in its entirety below

Joe Biden’s Pick For Chief Of Staff Said Elections Are Rigged Back In 2014

This is a quick hit and run but inquiring minds would want to know. Earlier today it was announced by the so-called Biden “transition team” that Ronald Klain would be

Video: “F*** Trump” Animals Brutally Beat Woman While Lighting Car On Fire With Her Husband Trapped Inside

Update: This video was originally uploaded on 21 Oct 2020. It’s still unclear about the nature of the incident and some users are skeptical about its political motivations. Others suspect

USPS Whistleblower Claims He Recanted Fraud Claims While Under Duress, Coerced By Federal Agents

Project Veritas has released a number of videos from US Postal workers who claim to have witnessed acts of election fraud orchestrated by their most senior supervisors. One of those

Fox News Censors Press Conference On Election Fraud From Trump Administration (Watch It Here Instead)

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto just arrogantly declared that the press conference delivered by Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. The presser was organized to provide details to the ongoing election litigation taking

Fake Votes? Certainly Fake Cars As Biden Broadcasts Video Message To Empty Audience Of Dummy Rental Cars

In a scene reminiscent of drive-in movie theater from Hell, Joe Biden briefly delivered remarks concerning the ongoing ballot counting in battleground states. But there was one problem—Biden wasn’t actually