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Database: 14,000+ People Born Over 100 Years Ago On Detroit Voter Rolls – Check For Yourself

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True Believers In Democracy!

Internet sleuths from /pol/ have compiled a Google Doc listing 14,000+ names that remain on the Wayne County voter rolls despite being over 100 years old. Most of these people have long since departed our mortal coil. Some names unearthed in the list have requested absentee ballots—but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are dead, either.

It does mean that a greater degree of scrutiny is required and we’ll tell you how you can participate in that process below.

You can browse the list here and then cross-check whether the listed individuals have received a ballot here. While we have not done this ourselves, we do know that it will take some guessing as to the birth month of the individual you are querying. We make no comment on the legality of accessing the state database in this manner, though the website makes no legal disclaimer on the use of the information provided.

Some of these people could very well be alive—their ages would range from 100-years-old to 120-years-old with the latter being simply unbelievable. So, it’s important that these names are again cross-checked with obituaries.

And while these numbers wouldn’t move the needle much in a state where Trump is trailing by over 100,000 votes, it certainly highlights the need to purge and refresh the voter rolls in a more efficient and transparent manner.

In most cases, it seems, that these names have not requested absentee ballots. But in at least the case reported in the tweet embedded below, row number 23 returns a positive ballot request. (Archived)

Perhaps she’s just a real believer in democracy!

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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