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Fake Votes? Certainly Fake Cars As Biden Broadcasts Video Message To Empty Audience Of Dummy Rental Cars

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In a scene reminiscent of drive-in movie theater from Hell, Joe Biden briefly delivered remarks concerning the ongoing ballot counting in battleground states. But there was one problem—Biden wasn’t actually at the venue and the venue wasn’t filled with real people. In fact, the motor-audience seems to be comprised of car rentals that the campaign brought to fill the space and manufacture the appearance of popular support.

Of course, as in all things Democrat, they overplayed their hand just a bit too much: all of the cars were brand new and red, white, and blue. Remarkable!

Some clever observers online were quick to point out this absurd act of political theater and will be self evident to you in the clips below.

To recap: Joe Biden broadcast a video message to an empty parking lot where his team placed a bunch of rental cars in order to deceive Americans into thinking that he was speaking and galvanizing his supporters. If he manages to pull of a steal here, this will be just one of many acts of manipulation that await the American people.

Observers realize that the cars are all empty:

This act is akin to Trump filling a football stadium with mannequins and pretending he sold out arenas. The media would never let him off the hook but they’re noticeably silent on this sleight of hand from Joe Biden.

Joe Biden speaking from a remote location broadcast onto massive screens:

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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