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GOP Maricopa County Chairman Writes “Certification Denied” On Election Logic And Accuracy Test

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The chairwoman of the Maricopa County Republican Party signed an election certification of logic and accuracy under protest today, penning “certification denied” in the margin of the form. Linda Brickman, the chair in question, is calling for “hundreds of county lawyers” to investigate the election.

The endeavor is a relatively toothless move that will not have any legal impact on the certification of the logic and accuracy test that was performed today. Readers should note that the logic and accuracy test is not a certification of the results, rather it is performed to test the accuracy of the machines involved in the election.

This Is Not The First Certification Controversy This Cycle:

The test is performed both before and after an election takes place, but the first test was not certified (or even witnessed) by the former head of the Maricopa County GOP. Earlier this month, it was revealed that Rae Chorneky, the former head, failed to observe the test and sign the corresponding certificate back in early October. For this negligent behavior she resigned on 11 November 2020.

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