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Michigan: Poll Workers Cover Windows To Prevent Observers From Watching Ballot Counting Process

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What’s going on in Detroit, Michigan? Poll workers hastily taped large poster boards over the windows of the room where ballots were being counted.

Some of the posters put in place to obstruct the view of observers still remain, though a few were taken down. Poll challengers have voiced their concerns about election violations, telling Fox News’ Matt Finn that there wasn’t a fair number representing their side in the room.

The Michigan Secretary of State’s director of media relations issued the following statement:

“These are poll challengers who have a legal avenue to address any legitimate concerns regarding any rules they claim were not followed. This has been a bipartisan, open and transparent process from the beginning, with a record number of Republican challengers observing it. The individuals who made these claims to you said they were challengers which means they have the ability to bring any violation they thought had occurred to the election inspectors. We’ll keep in touch the rest of the afternoon.”

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