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USPS Whistleblower Claims He Recanted Fraud Claims While Under Duress, Coerced By Federal Agents

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Project Veritas has released a number of videos from US Postal workers who claim to have witnessed acts of election fraud orchestrated by their most senior supervisors.

One of those individuals, Richard Hopkins, made the decision to go public and discarded the anonymity and protection afforded to him while speaking with Project Veritas.

Earlier, the Democrats released a statement claiming that Hopkins had recanted his previous statements about ballots being backdated in order to make sure they were counted among votes that were properly returned on time. But now, Hopkins is speaking out again, claiming that he was forced to recant by federal agents who coerced him.

To support his claim, he’s provided a recording of the interrogation that Project Veritas has just released in part.

More troubling is that members of the legacy media have taken it upon themselves to run with the claim that Hopkins has recanted, despite, according to Hopkins, never once asking him for comment.

Nationalist Review will update this story when more of the recordings are released. For right now, Project Veritas has only released a small snippet.

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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