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Month: December 2020

Officer Shot In Pennsylvania, Man Wanted For Questioning In Connection To Shooting

An officer was shot in Mckeesport, Pennsylvania around 4:00 PM this afternoon sparking a massive police manhunt for an individual suspected to have been involved in the shooting. ATF, SWAT,

“We Want Blood” Man In Gas Mask Leaves Note At Democrat Office In Florida

A man wearing gloves and a gas mask emerged from a small woodland area outside the the office of Duval County Democratic Party. He approached the office and attached a

Virginia State Senator Urges President Trump To Declare Martial Law

State Senator Amanda Chase says “Trump should declare martial law as recommended by General Flynn” Chase, who Fox News reports is known to carry a .38 revolver, issued the recommendation

Governor Andrew Cuomo Accused Of Sexual Harassment By Another Democrat Politician

Biden’s proposed pick for attorney general accused of sexual harassment Lindsey Boylan, a former aide of Andrew Cuomo and local city politician, has accused the governor of sexual harassment. Boylan

Supreme Court Rejects Election Lawsuit Filed By State Of Texas

A lawsuit brought forth by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has been rejected by the Supreme Court. The lawsuit, which hoped to invalidate the election results of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia,

Oregon Teacher Tells Anti-Lockdown Protesters To Commit Suicide

An episode of extreme feminist neuroticism unfolded in Bend, Oregon today as a teacher stopped her car in order to shout obscenities at protesters who were demonstrating against lockdowns and

Republican Senators Give Consent To Massive Immigration Bill Supported By Kamala Harris

The message is clear: Republicans will “punish” big tech by giving them massive tax breaks and cheap foreign labor A massive green card “giveaway” bill that would eliminate the country