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Alert: Married Lincoln Project Anti-Trump Co-Founder Accused Of Pressuring Gay Men For Sex

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Update: A new individual alleging interactions with John Weaver has come forward with messages. These have been included, in part, here, and with the rest below the section involving Girdusky under the heading “Scott Stedman Comes Forward”

A number of victims have come forward to cast doubt on a self-proclaimed “principled conservative” involved in the Lincoln Project. Gay men who associate with the faction of conservatives opposed to Trump have issued statements declaring that John Weaver, a major player in the organization, had approached them for sex.

One individual went so far as to accuse him of rape (screenshot below). Nationalist Review cannot independently verify these claims, but the volume of statements coming in this evening compels us to compile and publish on this matter. Those statements may be found embedded at the end of this article.

Weaver, a former McCain staffer with ties to Jon Huntsman and John Kasich, has been a staunch Never Trumper. In the 90s, he was George HW Bush’s campaign leader in Texas. He’s currently married to a woman who, considering her irrelevance and innocence related to these alleged incidents, Nationalist Review will not name.

No other Lincoln Project members have been implicated and the accusers have stressed that this was done by one individual. However, if the allegations are true and as wide-spread as they seem, it will be interesting to see who knew about them besides the victims.

And, while, Nationalist Review cannot independently verify these claims, multiple reports are indeed surfacing from those who were involved (or head-hunted to be involved) in Project Lincoln, the anti-Trump organization purportedly composed of Never-Trump Republicans.

Ryan James Girdusky, a political commentator and analyst was the first to intimate knowledge of the purported situation, describing it as an “open secret.” In a now-deleted Tweet, Girdusky wrote “I am not doing this for clout. I’ve known about allegations on John Weaver for over a year. I could have leaked many times & encouraged some of the people to come forward themselves.”

Girdusky has issued a followup statement:

“It is so gratifying that all this news on John Weaver is coming out. For months young men have come to me about accusations on John Weaver being a predator and MANY prominent people knowing…. No one wanted to be the first, but the dam is broken. People are asking why I kept it to myself… I didn’t, I worked with journalists and reached out to victims asking for them to speak up because it was their story, not mine. I couldn’t share the messages they sent to me confidentiality.”

Scott Stedman Comes Forward:

Seemingly prompted by the avalanche of statements made by the momentum a Donald Trump Jr retweet added to Girdusky’s initial teaser, Scott Stedman, an independent investigative journalist boasting over 100,000 Twitter followers, issued the following statement with chat screenshots attached:

He started Calling me “my boy”

“I don’t want to feed into Don Jr’s nonsense but I do want to tell a story. I followed John Weaver when I started my Twitter account. We exchanged messages, I sent him my stories, chatted about Russia, etc. He wrote a blurb for my book. He offered me some sort of “joint venture” which I wasn’t interested in, so I didn’t respond to his calls. One day, he DM’d me and said he had “advice”. He then proceeded to tell me how “hot” I looked and commented on my profile picture and my hair. He started calling me “my boy”. I found it deeply uncomfortable. Though we continued to DM every once in a while, the situation left me feeling quite uncomfortable. I brushed it off as one tends to do. I’m telling this story because I know there are more people who endured this kind of grooming with many more explicit details. As the Lincoln Project continues to grow financially, I felt compelled to share. Of course, what he said to me pales in comparison to others with whom Weaver communicated and countless others who have experienced much worse from people in power. The goal here is to hopefully provide some cover for others who were disturbed by Weaver’s advances and might want to speak out. And hopefully, the Lincoln Project does something.”

Shortly after Girdusky hinted at knowledge of Weaver’s alleged actions, an account by Twitter user Josh Price, corroborated his story by naming Weaver.

“I am going to deflate all of the air out of this right now,” Price wrote, “because Ryan is clearly taking joy in what happened to some of these people in order to attack his opponents. I know who did it, because they did it to me. It was John Weaver.”

A second Twitter user, Alec, then corroborated Price’s claim: “Imagine not outing an actual predator just because you want views and clicks…I was around when my friend [Josh Price] was getting harassed by John Weaver and what happened to him isn’t fodder for e-clout bud.”

Price then locked his account, but not before a source delivered screenshots of his tweets to us. (See directly below)

Nationalist Review can only speculate, but the ambiguity of Girdusky’s claims are likely to be the result of caution and lawsuit avoidance. It is quite unlikely that this will be the last anyone hears about the alleged sexual harassment that took place.

“I knew Weaver was a sex pest and sexual harasser due to my own experiences. I did not know he was a rapist. This makes what Ryan and Trump cult et al are doing even worse,” Price continued in another post.

Price and others who have alleged being victims of Weaver have been vocally distraught about their claimed experiences being used as political fodder. “Trump supporters pretending to care about someone being a sex pest is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. F*** off. You formed a cult around a man who bragged about sexual assault and then you turn around and try to use victims of sexual harassment as weapons? Hell awaits you.”

Testimonies From Other Accusers So Far:

“Probably John Weaver. He was really pushy in my DMs over the Spring.”

“John Weaver DM’ed and followed virtually every young gay on this site. Even I was reached out to on an old account, but not sexually. One of my friends has even shared with me that John Weaver raped him years ago. It’s incredible how open of a secret this is but no reporting.”

(Archive here if Tweet is deleted)

“Weaver used to follow me when I used my real name on here. Out of the blue he DM’d being pushy with personal questions and trying to flirt with me. After I didn’t go along with it, he unfollowed me and never DM’d me since,” one accuser wrote.

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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