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Trump Supporters Burn BLM Flag In “Enrichment Ceremony” Honoring Proud Boys Leader

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Then foolish police officers stepped in to put out the flames…

Trump supporters looking to release some pent up frustration took to the streets early this evening in preparation for tomorrow’s big demonstration.

After months of statewide lockdowns accompanied by Black Lives Matter race riots, one group chose to express themselves by burning a Black Lives Matter flag that they purchased on their own.

They did so to honor Enrique Tarrio, chairman of the Proud Boys, who was recently arrested for burning a Black Lives Matter banner at a protest last month.

Unfortunately, some low-IQ police officers, ‘just following orders,’ quickly stepped in to push away the Trump supporters, one of which was wearing a Blue Lives Matter shirt.

It’s amazing how brave and aggressive officers of the law can behave when they’re facing a group of people who support them and how cowardly they can be when entire cities are being burnt to the ground by race agitators.

But, “Law & Order,” right?

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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