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WIRE ALERT: Chicago Police Union Prez Says Capitol Protest NOT Treasonous

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“Beyond ridiculous” to suggest protest inside nation’s Capitol was treason – Chicago police union President John Catanzara

Speaking to the Chicago public radio station WBEZ, John Catanzara, the president of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police, stated that the riot was in now way treasonous. It is “beyond ridiculous and ignorant” to suggest that, he added.

“There was no arson, there was no burning of anything, there was no looting, there was very little destruction of property,” Catanzara told WBEZ.

The union president further clarified that he believes the election was stolen.

“I don’t have any doubt that something shady happened in this election,” Catanzara said. “You’re not going to convince me that that many people voted for Joe Biden. Never for the rest of my life will you ever convince me of that. But, again, it still comes down to proof.”

“There’s no, obviously, violence in this crowd. They pushed past security and made their way to the Senate chamber. Did they destroy anything when they were there? No.”

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