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White House Releases Faked Photo Of Biden Monitoring Situation In Afghanistan

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President Biden's White House releases a photograph purporting to show the president monitoring the situation in Afghanistan. However, the photo was actually taken back in March.
Biden sitting in the situation room in an image purportedly showing the president in August, revealed to have been taken in March

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Theatrical demonstrations of a serious administration only serve to humiliate the nation when the smoke an mirrors are revealed.
Biden is taking the situation seriously, just look at him listening to the “experts” !


In an attempt to persuade Americans that President Biden was on top of the situation unfolding in Kabul, Afghanistan, the White House hurriedly released a photograph appearing to shop the president discussing the events with advisors from the intelligence community including CIA personnel and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Despite appearances, the photograph was actually a lazy rendition of political theater taken sometime between January 2021 and March 2021, with this reality easily verified by the global clocks displaying a three-hour time difference between London and Moscow. The United Kingdom observes daylight savings time by ‘springing forward’ the clocks one hour on the last Sunday in March, whereas Russia does not observe the practice.

Consequentially, London and Moscow experience a three-hour time difference between January and the last week of March, but only a two-hour time difference thereafter. Since the clocks in the situation room read a three-hour time difference between London (16:29) and Moscow (19:29), it can be asserted that the photo shared by the White House was originally taken well before the current crisis unfolded.

Why the Biden Administration felt it necessary to employ this sleight of hand maneuver is left for the reader to infer, but with an administration so preoccupied with appearances, it’s difficult to ascertain how in tune they are with reality.

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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