Ukrainian Man Reportedly Caught Crossdressing To Avoid Conscription

“A man in woman’s clothing was detained at the border”

“A resident of the capital pretended to be a woman and tried to cross the border illegally at the Porubne checkpoint,” the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine stated in a recent update to their Facebook page. “The husband took his minor child and provided his wife’s passport for border control. However, the inspector of the border control of the Chernivtsi detachment immediately exposed the plan of the 30-year-old man. The Kyivian’s make-up and wig he wore didn’t help either.”

The man, according to Ukraine’s Border Guard, was attempting to dodge the forced conscription all fighting-age males are obligated to muster for during times of war. The man will be punished under Article 336 of Ukraine’s Criminal Code for “evasion of the call for mobilization.”

11 other men were detained by border guards for attempting to flee from the conflict and will face similar charges.