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WIRE BRIEF: 8,000 homes evacuated near Boulder, Colorado wildfire

19,000 people across 8,000 homes evacuated.
Colorado NCAR Fire

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Wildfires are a frequent issue with potentially devastating consequences. But the name ‘wildfire’ suggests that they are a natural disaster. While wildfires are occasionally started from a lightning strike or heat from the sun, the vast majority are the product of human carelessness. The annual rainfall in the Boulder, Colorado region has not changed considerably in over 100 years.
Climate change creates a drier environment which enables these fires to start. They will occur more frequently so long as greenhouse gases continue to warm the planet.


Briefing: 19,000 people have been evacuated from an area just south of Boulder after a fast-moving fire began to develop in the area. Last year, a similar fire destroyed 1,000 homes in the area causing an estimated $513 million in damages. Unfortunately, this year, expect to hear a considerable amount of complaining about man’s impact on climate change due to the blaze’s proximity to the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Readers should note that authorities have chosen to name this fire the NCAR Fire in honor of the research center, likely an attempt by government environmentalists to politicize the incident.

A number of social media users have uploaded images taken from the scene:

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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